m-naira App wallet transfer – to external (offnet) GSM number– Allow users to transfer money to any external GSM number wallets safely and easily in  Nigeria safely from anywhere in the world.

m-naira App – Send, Receive, Save Cash instantly in Nigeria from anywhere

m-naira App is a mobile payment service developed by BeepTool CIS Limited, allowing users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app.

A Mobile payment application by BeepTool CIS Limited. The app facilitates you to pay money for any bills or sending money to your contact list or anyone who has this app installed on his device. The app earns reputations from easy to use and get widely use through Nigeria. And Africa and the world. On top of that, Every friend invitations would earn you ₦100.

Once the transaction is completed, your receiver will receive a 4 digit PIN via SMS. Your receiver can show this PIN to any m-naira Agent or use it at any cash withdrawal machines or ATMs for cash out. Sender’s account will be debited by the entered amount + convenience fee.

Send Mobile Phone Transfer


  • Open m-naira App
  • Go to Send Money -> select Mobile Phone Transfer or email
  • Screen will show your current balance and field to enter amount for transaction.
  • If entered amount is greater than current balance, app will ask to add funds to your wallet via Voucher or Debit Cards.
  • Click on NEXT -> Enter recipient’s number by either selecting from contacts list or enter manually.
  • Enter reason of your transfer there. E.g., For Dinner, For Electricity etc.
  • Click on NEXT -> A detailed confirmation screen will show which includes Amount to transfer, Your recipient, Reason of transfer, Convenience fee for that transaction, Total amount to pay and how much amount your recipient will receive.
  • Click on TRANSFER NOW -> OTP will be sent to your registered number. In most cases, app will auto-detect OTP or enter OTP manually.
  • Click on NEXT -> If transaction is success, app will show success screen and send SMS to the receiver otherwise app will show error there and you can re-try from there.