m-naira Agent location services

m-naira App Agent is an independent retailer, who goes through special training to provide the m-naira App service to their customers. If you become a m-naira App agent, you will be able to receive some commission for every money transaction that you have performed, as well as bonuses.

Wallet transfer to m-naira Agent location : Users select from  drop down  state, Local government area /city,  and enter beneficial address and m-naira Agent location  near to address come up  to be selected and enter beneficiary phone number and money is sent to them and they can collect at any mobile agent location or pay bills with the money in any merchant store.

You can send money to anyone by selecting m-naira Agent who provides service nearby your receiver’s location.

Once you submit your request to agent, Agent will receive PUSH and SMS regarding this request. Agent can either accept or decline that request. You as a user can also cancel this request or change agent for this request incase agent has not accepted it.

On the other side, your receiver will receive PIN via SMS. Receiver can show this PIN to selected agent and agent then cash out to receiver for this transaction.


  • Open m-naira App
  • Go to Send Money -> m-naira Agent Location
  • New screen will ask you to enter amount to send through m-naira App Agent.
  • Click on NEXT -> Screen will ask you to enter recipient (to whom you want to send money via Agent) number either select from contact list or enter it manually.
  • Click on NEXT -> Enter Recipient First Name, Last Name, Reason to transfer and select your receiver’s location(click on Map Icon besides Beneficially address field) to pick up Agent from there.
  • Click on SELECT AGENT -> App will show list of agents of m-naira app based on selected receiver’s location.
  • Select Agent from the list -> A detailed confirmation screen will open which includes Amount to Send, Recipient First Name, Last name, Mobile Number, Address, Selected Agent, Reason of transfer, convenience fee, total amount to pay and how much amount your receiver will receive.
  • Click on CONFIRM -> OTP will be sent to your registered number. In most cases, app will auto-detect OTP or enter OTP manually.
  • Click on NEXT -> If the transaction is success, app will show success screen and send PUSH and SMS to the Agent, Agent can see list of requests received and sent and from received requests, agent can Accept or Decline. At the same time, Receiver will receive SMS with the PIN. Now receiver goes to that Agent and shows this PIN to agent. Agent then CASH OUT this transaction by entering receiver’s phone number and PIN. If entered details are verified, agent can pay in cash to Receiver. Also if this flow has error, app will show error there and you can re-try from there.